High quality tailored services

IFI is committed in providing high quality services tailored for the special needs of each project. We participate in all stages of the design process – from initial concept design to the final documentation and verification phases.


Lighting design

Complete lighting solutions

Specific site installations

Photometry and visualizations

Product consultation and development

Custom design solutions

Operation studies

Lighting design in a holistic way

Our concepts are based on the perception of light not solemnly as a conventional means for highlighting the architectural project, but also as a tool of interpretation and creation of the different manifestations the project can get when passing from darkness to light and vice versa.

The studio approaches lighting design in a holistic way and delivers not only lighting design schemes but complete works oflightning. IFI manages the project from the first design stages to the final implementation phases, ensuring that the results exceed the project briefing.

Creating memorable nightscapes

Our aim is to create spaces where people not only live but thrive, thus we do not stop on a basic calculative approach to lighting design, where light levels are the sole purpose. IFI also tenders on the non – quantifiable aspects of lighting, ensuring maximum comfort. We stay focused on the architectural design concept but we also try to add an artistic element to the design, creating memorable nightscapes.

We tailor each lighting study to the individual requirements of every project and client, either with fixtures that correspond to the specifications or with custom design elements. IFI follows closely the global lighting market ensuring that our projects utilize lighting fixtures of the highest technical and aesthetic value.

Being eco conscious we complement our lighting study and product selection with an energy profile of each fixture that includes the calculation of cost-efficiency.


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