IFI light lab is all about light, innovation, research and development
Ideas take shape

A blend of high-performance LED, heat management and optics creates a competitive advantage. In our lab abstract ideas take shape and can be quantified measured and improved.

Laboratory services

The laboratory offers a number of services to lighting manufacturers and project client that range from the development of new product concepts to proofing, testing and evaluating lighting solutions.

Testing for optimal results

We work with a number of high-end Led and digital solutions manufacturers to test and incorporate new technologies into our design process and lighting projects. Led sources and optical components are tested on our lab before utilizing them into original lighting fixture designs. Lighting sources are tested on common and new materials to determine their optimal application on projects.

In-situ project mockups

A mockup space ensures that our client can have a hands-on approach to lighting by viewing up-close the solutions provided in different situations. Whenever possible in-situ project mockups are carried out to guarantee the end lighting result.


A prototyping assembly equipped with 3d printing, laser cutting and CNC milling machines, greatly exchanges and speeds-up the design process.

The lab develops lighting tools that meet today’s project and global market elevated needs.


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