Luminale Atelier de Schutter


As part of the light installation YOUR POINT OF VIEW, created with Studio De Schutter from Berlin, our LinearColor Flex 8 strips became part of an explorative tour of our own perception. The visitor himself creates the dynamic of the light during the observation and therefore provokes the experience of the installations. Adapting the concept of Gestalt psychology, the monochrome light lines resolve, according to the viewing angle, into the basic shapes of circle, rectangle and triangle. Moreover, they can also become blurred in a pile of light of primary colours.

Products: LinearColor Flex 8/800 4K white/red, LinearColor Flex 8/800 4K white/yellow and LinearColor Flex 8/RGB
Cooperation with Studio De Schutter 2018
Three steel frames with LED strips, aprox. 2,50 x 2,40 x 2,30 m
Photos: © Sebastian F. (denkirgendwas)


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