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February 23, 2024
Homa Vagia Offers Sustainable Luxury with Starry Skies

A unique coastal villa-hotel dubbed Homa Vagia has taken shape along the cliffs of Serifos Island with design by Athens-based studio MOLD Architects and architectural lighting by IFI. The project stands as a captivating union of history and contemporary design. IFI’s Creative director, Mr. George Anagnostakis envisioned a concept for the Homa project that flawlessly integrates with the rugged landscape, drawing inspiration from the island’s cobbled paths and railway lines to create an illuminating narrative that balances modern elegance with a respectful nod to the region’s heritage.


Nestled on the picturesque Serifos island in the Cyclades, this villa’s lighting design draws inspiration from the island’s rich history, particularly its proximity to old mining facilities. Embracing the unique juxtaposition of the villa’s modern architecture against the backdrop of Serifos’s industrial heritage, the lighting concept seamlessly blends contemporary aesthetics with a homage to the island’s unearthing atmosphere. Warm, ambient lighting illuminates the outdoor spaces, casting a gentle glow that highlights the surrounding landscape while paying tribute to the historical significance of the nearby mining sites.


Thoughtfully placed fixtures mimic the play of light on mineral-rich surfaces, creating a visual narrative that ties the villa to the island’s unique character. The whole project was created by keeping in mind the natural beauty of its surroundings. The villa boasts an environmentally conscious lighting design that minimizes light pollution, ensuring a serene ambiance that allows for unobstructed stargazing and preserves the pristine nocturnal landscape.


In the interior spaces of the villa, the lighting design takes cues from the mining heritage with a balance of functionality and artistic expression. Task lighting accentuates architectural features, while subtle ambient glows evoke the ambient warmth of the white polished concrete. The interplay of light and shadow is carefully choreographed to create a sense of intimacy and connection to Serifos’s industrial past. Through this nuanced approach to lighting, the villa not only offers a contemporary and comfortable living experience but also serves as a harmonious bridge between modern luxury and the island’s historical legacy.


Homa Vagia is a landmark of the transforming power of architecture and architectural lighting, showing how a profound respect for the past combined with careful consideration of context can create a very compelling place.